Dreams…the fuel which pumps our lives and provides us a meaning. We live for our dreams and work towards the achievement of the same. Joyce brothers say “Before your dreams come true, you have to have those dreams”. When I dream I am ageless says madam coatsworth.

Make your dream into a burning desire in your hearts and souls. If you have a strong desire to achieve your dreams, then it will boost your self-confidence and will aid you in solving some of the worst stages of your life.

The manner to turn your dream into a burning desire is to place confidence that your dream is achievable and that you can achieve it because you are the best.

Embrace Failure. Sometimes the failure when you are doing something new is implied. You cannot be taught without it. Recall yourself in childhood, how did you learn to walk without falling? Here’s another quote, “Decent decisions come from the experience. And experience comes from incorrect decisions.” The success seldom happens in one night. Success often comes after endless pains of hard work. But we seldom observe this unpleasant side of doing back breaking work. We like to read the stories of instant success and become disposed when our own projects ruins. After this, we often give up. Did you know that the designers who made (the world wide used game) Angry Birds made fifty one other games before it became so popular?

We all fail at some point of our lives, but the brave courageous people self driven by a motivation towards their dream rise again all the odds and create new stories of unmatched commitment towards their dreams.

“Dreams are today’s answer to tomorrow’s question” said Edgar Cayce. He rightly said it as the quantum of our dreams decide the fate of our future.




“Sir, would you like to know your day? What your fate holds for you today? I will tell you what the stars want to tell you and you can avoid all the obstructions to reach zenith. Come to me”, the astrologer urged while arranging his tarot cards under the same banyan tree. For the past 3 years he has always placed his cage of parrot to his right, just beside the red stone which he got for himself when he was learning his art of astrology from Rajasthan. His “dhoti” that has the shade of cream shone as usual in the dim beacons of sun rays that passed the leaves dangling along the branches to finally fall on him to light his aura. The blue bag that holds his tarot cards and the little cloth carpet, was hung adeptly to one of the low lying branches of the banyan tree. His parrot doesn’t seem to get startled when something corporal passes the small lane of Asavgunj, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. But when the street dogs make a claim of property, the parrot would withdraw itself to the rear end of the cage until Athyarth, the astrologer, scared them away with a pebble or two. Athyarth always came by 8 am and proclaimed his spot by the banyan tree to tell the future of the people and earn a bit of fortune.

“Sir, would you like to know what the future holds for you? Please come and know what your stars are up to”, he signaled an invitation to one of the two merchants who seemed to have given a glance at him. But they walked away. He drew a long breath and looked at his parrot, who seems to enjoy the joblessness for quite some time.

“Sir, you should be extremely careful today”, he pitched his voice loud enough for Vedyansh to hear, the mediocre clerk at the office of a dogmatic landlord. Vedyansh has always believed that he shared a rather unpleasant relationship with his stars and that it was his stars and luck which failed him in his metric exams and made him succumb to a mediocre life to live with his ailing mother, his only parent left.

“What should I be careful of?” he drew himself nearer to Athyarth’s display and sat himself on the little evened granite stone that Athyarth picks up every morning from the nearby municipal dump yard and places it  back beside the wall in the evening.

“Sir, I feel your stars are conspiring against you. You should be careful today”, Athyarth tried to sound as dramatic and convincing as possible. “What sort of conspiring? Please tell me”, Vedyansh sounded perfectly convinced that the stars have gone against him again and since the astrologer was declaring the fact, he has all the proof to blame his failures on the stars. “Please tell me”, he urged Athyarth.

Athyarth pulled a deck of tarot cards and adeptly placed them at the left corner of the carpet holding them beneath his palm. He then spread them towards the right in a straight line until every card earned a place without overlapping each other. He then stretched his arm and opened the cage. With the least desire to fly away and earn freedom, the parrot walked like a dwarf from the cage. It walked past the seven cards before picking up the eight card, the card of fortune. Athyarth pulled the card from its beak and it walked back to its cage placidly and withdrew itself to the rear end as if the fortune telling was nothing sort of excitement anymore for the little featured one.

“Sir, this card will tell you you’re fortune”, Athyarth raised his brow and the old age wrinkles that seemed to make him knowledgeable and convincingly adept at his art just disappeared for a little while. “Sir, this card says that you are financially broke with a very little fortune to spare.” It did not require a tarot card to tell that. His bedraggled blue shirt and his black trouser which possessed a good number of stiches and patches screamed for themselves. “Tell me more. Am I going to loose my job? What does the card say?” Vedyansh was more desperate to know his luck today than look at his watch to realize that he was running 15 minute late to office which was going to reflect on his wages.

“Sir, today you should not give anybody even a dime. It will angry your stars to see you spend today and the only way to avoid the wrath is to donate a fair amount of money to an old Brahmin who owns a parrot”, Athyarth was sure that no other Brahmin in the colony owned a parrot except for him. He made his signs clear enough to plant the thought of donating him a handsome revenue in Vedyansh’s head.

“An old Brahmin who owns a parrot!” Vedyansh murmured. “Who in the colony is an old Brahmin who also owns a parrot”, Vedyansh kept himself involved in his thoughts while Athyarth drew himself to rest against the façade of the tree.

“Oh! Yes, Muthyarth swami has been recently gifted a parrot by his grandson and I also owe him a fair amount for the financial aid he provided for the repairing of my house”, Vedyansh spoke while starring in to the empty space above Athyarth’s head.

Athyarth was startled by his murmuring but soon wiped the expression on his face to avoid suspicion of conspiracy. “Yes sir, you must know it better”, Athyarth tried to sound non-differing with the idea.

“Thank you panditji”, Vedyansh folded his hands in formal Namaste, picked up his bag and pulled himself from the granite stone to walk away.

“Sir!” Athyarth sounded surprised. “Sir what about my fee?” he was more perplexed than concerned. Vedyansh looked back at him, adjusted his bag strap on the shoulder and blatantly whimpered “Sorry panditji, you have asked me to not spend a dime today. I cannot afford to angry the already wrathful stars for you”. Athyarth could not utter a word but watch Vedyansh walk away.


When the undying sun flinched the Mayan priest,
and the deep blue sky stared an eye with Galileo,
when the mountain tops of Himalayas,
echoed the chanting of Indus deity feast,
when the Egyptians built the mighty pyramid,
and the Roman Colosseum created the gladiator’s guild,
when the pacific cradled the great sailor,
and Sputnik lit Russia’s October sky,
when the first wires carried the voice of an old man,
and the apple told more stories than Homer,
when the poets, uncanny, penned the grief of wars,
and the writers staged Romeo-Juliet,
to play the Mozart’s string of love beyond stars,
when the electrons bounced the golden plate,
and men peeped into the deep atom’s crate,
when the moon had it’s first visitor,
and submarines dived to see ocean bed,
when men traveled into cosmos,
and lives in the nuclei were freed,
when the world was first aglow by bulb,
and men flew with aves without fear,
when a thought in mind sent ripples in space,
men knew that “Mankind was born on earth,
but was never meant to die here”



How  Google search works

There ain’t a day that goes by where you don’t  use  Goggle search to get

information about something. Infact it has become a daily routine for most of  us. But have you ever wondered how exactly does it work??How search engine returns the answers to your queries….well this article will give you an idea about the science and art behind the search. This process includes 3 steps Crawling and Indexing, Algorithms, Fighting Spams.

Crawling and Indexing: The web consists of a trillion of webpages related to various things. The webcrawlers (software)  are used to crawl through these webpages, follow the links and get back the data to the google server. The crawlers are programmed in such a way that they give more attention to new sites,changes in existing sites and dead links,one of the well known crawler being  “Googlebot”. Then the information brought is organized by indexing them by using the words and their location. When you search, at the most basic level, the algorithms look up your search terms in the index to find the appropriate pages. The search process gets much more complex from there. Google’s indexing systems note many different aspects of pages, such as when they were published, whether they contain pictures and videos, and much more.

Algorithms: These are the computer processes which help the search engines to answer our queries. Infact google’s  success over other search engines can be attributed to this algorithm’s efficiency called “PageRank”. Some of the other algorithms are google panda, google penguin and the hummingbird being the recent one. These algorithms provide signals like terms on websites, the freshness of content, region, synonyms to help the search engine narrow down the webpages. Then the pages are ranked on the basis of over 200 factors such as page quality, safe search, user

context.There are various search projects developed to aid the engine in delivering us the  results .

Fighting Spams: Spam sites attempt to game their way to the top of search results through  techniques like repeating keywords over and over, buying links that pass PageRank or putting invisible text on the screen. This is bad for search because relevant websites get buried, and it’s bad for legitimate website owners because their sites become harder to find. Google’s algorithms can detect the vast majority of spam and demote it automatically. For the rest, they have teams who manually review sites. When they take manual action on a website, they try to alert the site’s owner to help him or her address issues.

And that’s how the search works, behind our simple page of results there’s a carefully crafted complex system which supports more than a hundred-billion searches per month and all those just in a matter of seconds!!!



Near field communication is a kind of short range wireless communication where the antenna is quite smaller than the wavelength of the carrier signal. It can be actually defined as, that the antenna can produce either an electric field or a magnetic field but not an electromagnetic field. NFC communicates either by a modulated electric or magnetic field. It is similar to Bluetooth but it does not require pairing and covers very small area. It includes contactless transactions, data exchange and simplified setup of more complex communication such as WI-FI.

Both NFC and Bluetooth are short range wireless communication technology that is mainly used in mobiles phone. They both share several features, both being forms of wireless communication between devices over short distances. NFC is limited for a distance of 4 cm where as Bluetooth can cover a distance of thirty feet. Bluetooth seems superior in this but both Bluetooth and NFC have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to one another and can work together in order to match up user’s needs.

  • NFC consumes less power or battery when compared to Bluetooth.
  • It does not require paring between devices.
  • Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not need to set up connections between smart phones manually and this indeed helps in saving time.
  • NFC is easy to use and it connects within fraction of seconds.
  • Users must be very close to each other, but it is very fast and easy to connect.
  • Due to shorter range, NFC provides higher degree of security than Bluetooth.

How can Bluetooth and NFC work together?

We find a lot of advantages in NFC but there is a major disadvantage that is it takes a lot of time in transferring photos and data exchange when compared to Bluetooth. To overcome this we can use both Bluetooth and NFC collectively. Take advantage of NFC thereby connect two devices quickly and then turn the signal over to Bluetooth so the owners can move further away without severing the connection.

NFC in mobiles:

NFC is a short range high frequency wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices over a distance of 4 cm.

NFC is upgrade of existing proximity card standard that combines the inference of smartcard and a reader into a single device.

NFC allows users to seamlessly share contents between digital devices, pays bills wirelessly or even uses cell phones as electronic travelling tickets on existing travelling tickets on existing contactless infrastructure already in use for public transportation.

Uses of NFC:

NFC allows two devices placed within few centimeters of each other to exchange data. In order for this to work, both devices must be equipped with an NFC chips.

It works in two ways:

  • One way communication
  • Two way communication

One Way Communication: Here a power device likes credit card reader, phone or computer card terminal reads and writes NFC chip. So when you tap your computer card on the terminal, the NFC powered terminal subtracts money from the balance written to the card.

Two way communications: This involves two devices that can both read and write to each other. Using NFC, you can touch two android devices together to transfer data that is contact, photos, videos or links.

NFC and mobile payment:

A day will arise that we will pay for everything using mobile and NFC will build platform for further. In recent times, we find many credit card data breaches thereby NFC provides solution to shield our wallets from theft and frauds.

Many retailers in USA like target, Macys and Walgreens started using NFC- based contactless pay terminals in place, making transition to mobile payments easy. Phones compactable with Google wallet can use it.

Why NFC based payments are secured?

In mobile payments security is highest priority which holds all the authorization power. Whether it is a chip in the phone, or functions virtually in the cloud, the security element is extremely high and protected by digital signature. By any means if someone got your phone also that would be extremely impossible to obtain credit or debit card information of it because it is chip that is designed with extreme care and with high security measure that go well beyond a normal processor.


Technology is advancing without having any barriers and offered us many tremendous gifts.  NFC is one of most valuable and irreplaceable gift of technology which has made data sharing and mobile payments more easily compared to earlier. I wish that a day should come, that day we’ll all be paying for things with our phones and NFC helps in building that platform for that future.



Phonegap is referred as mobile development framework. This software was launched by a company named Nitobi and the copyrights were purchased by adobe system in 2011. It was first named as phonegap and then was renamed by Apache Software Foundation as Cordova, which is the name well associated with the street’s name where Phonegap’s launcher Nitobi exists. It enables software developers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Phonegap allows the developers to have a common codebase for their application code. It does not force the developer to rewrite the code every time they move from platform to platform.  Minimum knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT is more than enough to develop applications for different platforms.


Open source software is computer software which acts as source code, which gives license to the users to study, change, distribute the software to anyone. Open source software was founded in the year 1998 by Eric Raymond. It was his motto to make this free software accessible to everyone. The following are few of the free Open Source software:

  • APACHE License
  • BSD License
  • GNU General Public License MIT License.
  • ECLIPSE Public License
  • MOZILLA Public License
  • It saves lot money to the Business Markets by using OSS.
  • Usage of OSS contributes Business maximization through high penetration.

Phonegap is an open source software which is a mobile development framework based on CSS, HTML and JAVASCRIPT. Phonegap is used to build applications for multiple platforms and they are

  • BADA

PHONEGAP is primarily used to create applications for different platforms. Hence it is essential that the Developer should have the knowledge related to the following     Programming Languages like,

  • Java for Android,
  • Objective C for Apple,
  • C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS for Windows and
  • C, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Java for Blackberry.

Phonegap is a magical medium which enables an individual with knowledge in web API’s like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop applications for different platforms. Phonegap transforms a normal individual with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to a Powerful Developer as it provides common codebase which works on various platforms.

To develop IOS applications, the tools required are Intel based computer with MAC OS, and X code. X Code can be installed by downloading the software from Apple Developer Site.

The tools and Soft wares required to develop application for Android are, Java JDK, Android SDK, Eclipse, Apache Ant and Pentium or Intel based computer.